Dan Frizza

Producer • Engineer • Songwriter

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Dan Frizza

Producer | Engineer | Songwriter

After finding his groove as an Assistant Engineer at Studios 301 and Albert Studios, Dan has slowly but surely worked his way through the east coast music scene becoming a regarded studio staple. Dan has worked alongside some excellent names including George Michael, Theophilus London, Daniel Johns, Xavier Rudd, Bernard Fanning, Gurrumul, Kram and The Waifs over the years, whilst absorbing wisdom from many producers and engineers alike.

Originally starting out at the now defunct BJB Studios alongside the founders; Chris Townend, Scott Horscroft and producer Eric J, Dan’s skills landed him a key role at the Studios 301 Byron Bay Facility as the in-house assistant for several years, namely as the right hand man to Grammy Winning Producer/Engineer Nick DiDia.

Now back in Sydney working as in-house Producer/ Engineer at Studios 301, Dan has spent past 18 months honing his production, mixing and writing skills. From producing for a plethora of underground psych bands to engineering for the ACO, to tracking vocals for electronic sensation JOY. to engineering for Peter Garrett, to playing in a shoegaze/trip-hop band called Fern.

Recently Dan has been sewing his way toward the initial seedling of the writing process; helping artists refine, rework and re-formulate their songs wherever they see fit. Fitting into the vibe with folk and indie artists, all the way to all out rock and/ or roll bands. Dan has been making his presence a necessity from the birth of your tracks right through to the final mix.

Dan Frizza


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